Milk Makeup: Blur The Lines

A Milk Makeup x Very Good Light collaboration celebrating self-expression and the diverse spectrum of individuality. Everyone consists of both masculine and feminine energies and by blurring the lines between the two, we can focus on each other as individuals.

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Designed at Milk Makeup

Introducing Blur the Lines, a new collaboration by Milk Makeup and Very Good Light, directed by our co-founder Georgie Greville. Inspired by our universal Blur Stick anyone can use, we're blurring the lines on the gender spectrum and exploring what individuality truly means today.

Designed the logo lockup that reflects the blurred effects used throughout the campaign video, while using the brand's typeface to keep in line with the branding of Milk Makeup. Once the interview, video, and still photos were done, I further explored the concept of blurring the lines by experimenting with different blurred effects on the photos of the seven unique cast members.

Creative Director
Georgie Greville

Art Director
Elena Miska

Riley Carithers, Roxanne Doucet