Milk Makeup Dotcom 2.0

Redesign of Milk Makeup's ecommerce website to improve the shopping experience and better utilize branded content. The main objective was to further educate users on Milk Makeup products and culture.

Collaborated with Born group in UX design development, initial design mockups, and finalizing the website by working closely with the front end developers.

Art Director
Elena Miska

Designed at Milk Makeup.



The main challenge of the homepage was to help users navigate seamlessly by creating a more visual UI for those who were not familiar with the brand and products.


Milk Makeup 1.0 Homepage

Unlike the previous design where the hero image was full bleed, we shortened the height of the image and moved the three products to overlay on the bottom of the image as an indicator to scroll below the fold. Keeping the option to add a custom title art, we moved the text block to the right in order to highlight the beauty image behind the text.


Product Page
The priority of the product page was to highlight the functionality and benefits of the product. We created an entire block of information on the product without hiding any info in tabs in order to be transparent with the user. The addition of the content blocks below were crucial for the brand to showcase any visual and informational branded content.


VIBES: Milk Makeup Editorial Platform
We didn’t want to take away from the shopping experience so we intergrated the same design structure such as the image blocks and typography. VIBES not only helps the user learn more about the products and the brand, but about the culture of Milk Makeup through stories on different people and lifestyle.


The shoppable video feature creates a more interactive experience as users watch and shop “how to” videos.