Wu-Tang x Milk Makeup Collab

The Wu-Tang x Milk Makeup collaboration honored the two forces' shared origins and culture, which are deeply rooted in NYC. The result was the launch of 8 luxe Lip Colors, which combined ingredients such as sacred lotus water, cherry blossom, and ginseng to achieve high impact. The creative challenge was to create a cohesive campaign that properly introduced the new luxe Lip Colors while making sure to seamlessly mesh the two brands without losing the core of their origins. Read more about the collab here.

The design was inspired by the history of the Wu-Tang Clan and Milk; the use of typography is a nod to Chinese Kung Fu films. The custom yellow gold used throughout the digital experience was inspired by the gold plating of the product packaging and the iconic yellow of the Wu-Tang brand. In order to maximize the anticipation, the launch was divided in to 3 phases: the tease of the collab, the tease of the products, and the final launch. We designed a full site takeover with the branding and content of the Wu-Tang x Milk Makeup collaboration.

Designed at Milk Makeup.

Working closely with marketing, ecommerce, and product teams, I helped plan a campaign to help create a story from pre-reveal tease, the reveal, to the launch. After in depth research and exploration of the design direction, I worked with the developers to QA the website takeover – converting the color scheme of the site to black, white, and gold, a custom email sign up landing page, and the new feature of a randomized content modal (see below). In order to create a full 360 campaign, I also designed emails and digital ads that corresponded with the website experience.


Creative Directors
Georgie Greville, Tyler Smart

Associate Creative Director
Noemi Moreno

Product Design Director
Kali Perez

This custom Milk Makeup logo below the Wu-Tang logo is the word ‘Milk’ turned vertically to mimic the Chinese character ‘美’ which means ‘beauty’. Designed by Karena Huang.

This custom Milk Makeup logo below the Wu-Tang logo is the word ‘Milk’ turned vertically to mimic the Chinese character ‘美’ which means ‘beauty’. Designed by Karena Huang.


Tease Phase: Homepage
Disruptive homepage slide that leads you to an email sign up landing page.
We started off with a design to build anticipation for the reveal of the collaboration.
After the reveal, we updated the design to build further anticipation for the launch of the products.


Tease Phase: Email Sign up
Email sign up landing page to drive user engagement and create anticipation.
Similar to the homepage, we used two separate designs for before and after the reveal of the collaboration.


Launch: Full Takeover
Site changes over to the custom Wu-Tang x Milk Makeup design and content.


Consult the I Ching
Randomized Lip Color shade finder modal to unlock your I Ching.


Read more about the collab on VIBES.