My Zoonzin Story

So I’ve been using the name “zoonzin” for more than ten years now. People ask me all the time, “Does it stand for something?” “Is it your Asian name?” “What the hell does it mean?” No, it is not Z.O.O.N.Z.I.N. No, my ‘Asian name’ is Yoonjin. And no, it doesn’t mean anything. So how did I come up with this name? Well, it was a cold winter afternoon, some time in the year 2000. I was walking through the woods with my two best friends carrying sticks while all the other second graders were at the playground. We were actually in the bushes behind the soccer field where nobody could see, acting as if we were cavemen in the woods. We created our own language so I decided to create names for ourselves. My name was Zoonzin, Nashel was Nazuel, and Katie was Kkatti. Ever since then, I used zoonzin for everything like emails, blogs, and school projects. Even after this many years, we are still best friends and reminisce our cavemen days.